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Alexa's Angels Petsitting

Guaranteed Love and Care When You're Not There!

Insured, Bonded & Experienced- Alexa has years of animal care experience working with all kinds of species & temperaments. We offer not only pet sitting services, but dog/cat walking, pet taxi, pet waste removal, mobile nail trims for any pet, wedding/event services and more!! All services take place at the owner’s home. We serve Genesee and the surrounding counties. Based in Byron NY. We are a full time, professional service. We look forward for taking care of your furry, feathered or scaled friends!!

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In Owner's Home Pet Sitting

Your furbaby is safe and sound in their own home with Alexa’s Angels.

Specializing in- In Home Pet Sitting, you don’t have to worry about your pet stressing out in a tight spaced kennel or having limited attention. Alexa’s Angels supervises the pet(s) 24/7 while sitting, seeking their needs, having unlimited playtime, treat time, reporting photos/updates to the owner and listening to special instructions from owner. 

This includes ALL PETS! Exotics, reptiles, fish, farm animals welcomed!

Also the sitter will contact the owner with any emergencies or sickness that occurs & will take pet to veterinary clinic or emergency vet hospital if owner is not available and if necessary. This is a more personalized and safe boarding option for your fur baby! Stress free- and free of disease, flea/ticks or any bite risks. My side kick Althea (pictured beside this) loves socializing and playing/walking with other friendly dogs- if you would like her socialization for your dog she can meet your pup/you at the meet and greet!) -Also Sequoia my newest puppy side kick!

I offer drop ins, overnights, & 24 hr vacation stays for sitting.


Dog or Cat Walking

Alexa’s Angels specializes in dog and cat walking. Walks are a very crucial and important part of a dog's life. Walks for cats provide enrichment and exercise- if the kitty is comfortable & stress free with walks already of course. I offer walking services such as brisk walks around the block to long hikes! Walks can be 20 min to 2 hours hike (weather permitting). Hikes need to be set up prior with a idea of where in mind.

Pet Taxi 

Busy? Did something come up and now you can't take your pet to the vet? Does your pet need to be dropped off at the groomers, daycare, friend's home or even YOUR WEDDING? (Wedding Chauffeur Service) We can pick up your pet, drop them off at the destination- even wait at any apt with them, and then bring home or to another destination! We can also pick up and drop off medicine for your pet or food from vet's office, or pharmacies. We also help rescues with this! Contact us for a quote! 


Pet Waste Removal

Yard filled with poop from winter or spring? Are you too busy to clean up pet waste from your beautiful yard? Don't worry I can help! I offer pet waste removal aka "Poop Scooping". One time cleanup from the past months worth of poop "Spring Cleanup": is offered (and required if yard hasn't been cleaned up by us yet for the season). Subscription options such as Weekly and Monthly services are offered after initial clean up. I will take waste in my buckets/bags for you or can use your garbage bags and cans.

Mobile Nail Trims

Are your kitty's, pooch's or even small animal/reptile's nails getting to long? Don't worry! We will come to your home or meet up with you somewhere to handle this! I have the options of clippers only, Dremel only or both! Can be a one time quick touch up or we can get you on the schedule for monthly or when needed nail trims! Usually 4-6 weeks after initial trim for dogs and cats or you can let us know when its time again! I bring quick stop as well.


Enrichment Exercises

Enrichment encourages an animal's natural behaviors, providing different experiences for their senses. It's essential to providing both mental and physical stimulation and keeping boredom at bay, it also relieves stress. Alexa’s Angels can spend time doing enrichment playtime with training treats, snuffle mats, filled kongs and puzzle games. She also will incorporate basic commands or any you want practiced, to refresh the dog’s mind on basic material! Walks are also amazing enrichment for pups. She can bring one of or both of her dog friendly pooches to socialize if you'd like as well for enrichment!

Wedding/ Event Services

Have you always dreamt of having your pet in your wedding? Or maybe you will be too busy to take your pet to your wedding or event and need someone to take them home or to another place after? Your pet can attend your wedding with no issue thanks to our Pet Wedding Attendant service! Or they can hitch a ride to the wedding and/or back home with our Pet Chauffeur (pet taxi) option!!

Pet wedding attendant service includes a ride to and from your wedding or event if needed (can also meet you and the pet at venue), attentive pet care during the event including pet handling, dressing and brushing pet, posing for wedding/event photos, feeding if needed, treating, watering, pottying and picking up waste, walking around the venue in pet friendly areas, walking them down the aisle if needed or watching the ceremony with the pet in the crowd! Service will last from beginning of wedding/event to the ending reception or whenever you would like it to end! (contact us for a quote and to set up your dream event!)

A little Bit About Alexa:

Trusted & Experienced Pet Care Professional: Alexandra Lord. Alexa has years of animal care experience working with all kinds of species. She volunteered at a local animal shelter first and gained pet care experience from her time there along for finding her love of helping animals to be rescued. From working for a veterinary clinic as a Veterinary Assistant to being a K9 Handler at a doggy daycare/boarding center- she has learned a lot about animal behavior, restraint, safety, basic k9 training, animal health and care. She is insured & bonded, pet first aid/cpr certified. She has taken care of animals of all sizes and temperaments, along with special needs animals. She has owned multiple animals (dogs, cats, fish, bearded dragons, snakes, hedgehogs) throughout her life and has a lovable shepherd lab pitty mix rescue (Sequoia), & a Schnoodle puppy (Althea). She can’t wait to take care of your fur (feather or scale!) baby while you’re away!


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